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Hi, I'm Stacey! 

My mission in life is to help make the world a healthier, happier place through food, fitness and mindset inspiration.  

I'm a full time ACE Certified Personal Trainer as well as an ACE Certified Health Coach.

I started the Autoimmune Protocol back in November 2015 and was finally able to put my celiac disease, leaky gut, and chronic fatigue into full remission after years of frustrating doctor visits that left me feeling like a hypochondriac.  I also suffered from alopecia, anxiety and brain fog which I controlled through diet and lifestyle changes. 

At age 43 I am the healthiest, fittest and happiest I have ever been in my life and I'd love to help you accomplish the same!


The AIP in Real World AIP doesn't just stand for "Autoimmune Protocol", it stands for "Anything Is Possible"!

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I follow and recommend the Autoimmune Protocol guidelines as defined by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne HERE.


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