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Health Coaching FAQ

What, exactly, does an AIP Coach DO and how could I benefit from working with one?

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A Certified AIP coach can help you:

  • Get started on AIP without making common beginner mistakes or spending more money or time in the kitchen than you need to.

  • Troubleshoot any issues you are having while on AIP.

  • Guide you through the reintroduction process.

  • Modify AIP for your special needs. 

Maybe you have an autoimmune disease and you really want to use the Autoimmune Protocol to manage your symptoms BUT it's all a bit overwhelming to you! 

You're thinking...

  • Where would I even start? 

  • How would I find time to cook ALL of my meals? 

  • Won't the food go bad if I make it in big batches?

  • How do I even know what I can and can't freeze and what would I freeze it in? How would I thaw it? 

  • What the heck would I even be able to eat anymore?

  • Will I be hungry? 

  • Will I have to spend hours in the kitchen everyday?

  • Will I go broke from the added expense of all grass fed meats and organic produce? 

  • What will I do when I go to my friend's dinner party? 

  • How will I make it through the holidays? 

  • What about that upcoming vacation I have planned?

A Certified AIP Coach can walk you through each of these concerns step by step, and help you formulate a solid plan, customized to you and your unique struggles, to absolutely ensure your success! 


You do not need unlimited time, money, culinary skills, or willpower to slay AIP!  You do not need to become a hermit, give up your social life and travel plans or quit your job to successfully implement the Autoimmune Protocol!  

A coach can help you formulate the mindset you will absolutely need and provide the essential tools necessary to successfully implement the Autoimmune Protocol.


A coach can also guide you through any bumps in the road on your AIP journey...

Let's say you've been on AIP for a few months but aren't improving as much as you had hoped.   


A qualified coach will be able to look at your food and symptom journal and see patterns and potential triggers that could be the cause of your symptoms.

Maybe you've been eating foods that commonly cross-react with gluten even though they are gluten free (like nutritional yeast, for example). 


It's also possible that your food is being accidentally cross-contaminated with gluten- do you share your AIP compliant jam with a household member that is using it to spread on bread?  A coach can help you play detective.

You might be eating a lot of high-histamine or oxalate-rich foods that are correlating with your seemingly unrelated and unpredictable symptoms.  

The foods you are reacting to might all be high in certain types of fermentable carbohydrates. 

You may have signs of low stomach acid or enzyme deficiency.


There may be tests your physician hasn't run that could make all the difference in understanding the root cause of your ongoing digestive issues.

A health coach can offer valuable insight into your symptoms and can also make recommendations on concerns and testing to discuss with your doctor at your next visit.

Say you've successfully completed 30-90 days on AIP, you're feeling better and you're ready to begin the reintroduction process!

You may be wondering...

  • Which foods do I start with?

  • How much of the reintroduced food should I eat to test it?

  • How many foods can I reintroduce each week?

  • How will I introduce spices like black pepper without eating an isolated spoonful? (yuck!)

  • Why aren't certain foods listed on the reintroduction chart?

  • Can I reintroduce multiple foods at once? 

A coach can answer all of these and any other questions or concerns you may have about the reintroduction process. 

A coach can also provide ideas and recipes for reintroducing foods and formulate a personalized plan for you to get started with reintroductions.

An AIP Certified Coach can also help you modify AIP for special circumstances such as

pregnancy, youth, athletic performance, weight loss or weight gain.

Why would I need a Health Coach if I see my doctor regularly?

A health coach can help you overcome your individual struggles with personal assistance that a doctor simply doesn't have time for. 


A doctor can tell you to go on a special diet, but you are on your own as far as finding compliant recipes, creating meal plans, shopping lists, planning for travel, learning to batch cook, learning how to structure your environment to rely less on sheer willpower, finding a support group even if your family and friends aren't on board, dealing with emotional aspects of lifestyle change, finding what really motivates you and keeping you accountable through frequent check-ins and support for questions you may have.


THIS is where a qualified Health Coach can make all the difference in your journey!  A good coach will customize their approach based on YOUR individual needs and provide valuable insight that your doctor simply may not have time for or does not have training for.


Sadly, many conventional physicians may not have even heard of the Autoimmune Protocol and they may be skeptical that diet will make any difference at all in your autoimmune disease progression.  They may scoff at you or poo poo the idea that "nightshades" trigger inflammation in your body or that you react to gluten even though you've tested negative for celiac disease.

A health coach cannot take the place of your physician but they can provide tools and guidance to help you best advocate for yourself when communicating with your doctor.  Your coach can also provide information on how to find a functional medicine physician to complement your team of healthcare professionals.  

What does it cost to work with a coach?

Coaching packages with Certified AIP Coach Stacey start at *$200 per month and include:

  • An in-depth case history and food/symptom journal review.

  • Two telephone or video sessions (45 min each). This is personalized to YOU and can focus on any aspect of your AIP journey.  

  • 2 emails per session (one to plan the discussion, one for follow-up).

  • A written summary of discussion highlights and your personalized plan after each consult.

*Add $100 monthly for daily text or email support!

10% discount offered on three month coaching packages and 20% discount for six months of one-on-one guidance.

As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and CHC, Stacey is also qualified to provide custom fitness and weight management guidance as needed.

One time consults are also available, but in many cases it can be overwhelming to the client to address all of their struggles and provide as much information as possible in a 45 minute segment. 


Small actionable steps and an ongoing coaching partnership that includes setting realistic achievable goals in segments can make much more sustainable behavior changes that are less overwhelming to implement.


A one-time consult can be useful if you just need help with a recipe, meal ideas, or help planning for trip or event.  One time consults include 2 emails and a 45 minute phone or skype session.  Contact me for pricing.

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