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Cleanly Sourced Meats & Poultry from US Wellness Meats:

7 lb/ $75 minimum order.  $9.50 Flat Rate Handling fee covers ALL shipping costs- I stock up when I buy.

Compare the price per pound to other retailers- significantly less expensive than Wholefoods and other online retailers!!



I searched the web far and wide for the best price on OYSTERS! 

The 12 oz bags are buy 6 for $85 and free ship on $99.

This equates to 18.88 lb, BEST price out there. 

(For comparison, if you buy fresh oysters at $1 a piece which is a great deal, and shuck them yourself,

they will end up costing $24-$54/lb, depending on the size of the oysters.)

Canned clams 


Bottled Clam Juice



Canned tuna 


Canned wild salmon 

On-The-Go food and SNACKS


AIP Compliant Beef Jerky

Simply AIP monthly subscription box full of AIP snacks & treats

(Use coupon code REALWORLD5 to save $5 off your first box!)

SHOP has SO many snacks, condiments, AIP baking supplies and more. 

I highly recommend this dedicated AIP store! 

The SNACK ATTACK bundle can satisfy any case of the munchies!!

Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato Chips


Plantain Chips


Wild Zora Veggie & Meat Bars, green tea with mango & more 

 (Save 15% with code realworldaip15!)

Miss nuts for snacking? 

PEELED Tiger Nuts are the perfect substitute!

(They are not nuts, they are tasty little crunchy tubers.)

Pick up some flour while you're at it, it's my absolute #1 favorite AIP baking item!!! 

(If you get enough to get free shipping, these equate to $10.90/lb-

compare that to other tiger nut prices on the web!!!)


Paleo On The Go offers AIP-compliant frozen meal delivery service!  

Save $15 off of your first order by typing in the coupon code “REALWORLDAIP” at checkout!


Real Plans

BOOKS & courses I LOVE and recommend:

(This is not a comprehensive list,

there are SO many wonderful AIP guides and cookbooks out there. 

These are simply my personal favorites.)

The Autoimmune Protocol eBook

by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

(This is THE most up-to-date and definitive guide to the protocol!)

See my review HERE.

A Simple Guide To The Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

(Excellent beginner guide!!)

Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

The Healing Kitchen Cookbook

The Paleo Mom's Kitchen

(Dr. Sarah's favorite kitchen hacks and 78 recipes!)

Food: What The Heck Should I Eat by Dr. Mark Hyman

(Not AIP specific, but my favorite nutrition book that I recommend to ANYbody

who wants to eat healthier and is confused by all the conflicting information out there!)

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne's Gut Health Fundamentals course

EXCELLENT if you are dealing with Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut, or SIBO!   

As a certified Personal Trainer, The Healthy Weight Loss course is the BEST weight loss information I could possibly recommend if you are wanting to lose body fat. I have a review on it HERE.


Nutrient Tracking:



The BEST nutrient and macro app!


Kitchen scale

I use and love (under $20!)


Gram scale

 for accurate measurements of small amounts


Max Gen Labs DNA Testing

Why MaxGen over 23andme?  

1. They destroy your DNA and don’t share it.

2. Quick turn around time.

3. They personally write each and every report.

4. They offer dietary options in each report. 

5. They’re not a corporate lab,  they're a small operation that strives to make the world a healthier place.



Microbiome testing- see my review HERE!

COOKWARE, Appliances & accessories:


Instant pot

I use this for everything!  Pot roast, clams, sweet potatoes, plantains, artichokes, beets, salmon......


Steamer basket

for Instant Pot


Slow Cooker

Glaze-free & chemical-free

(The enamel glaze in cheap slow cookers may contain lead.)


Box grater

Use this to shred sweet potatoes for hash browns

or apple cinnamon bars if you don't have a food processor.

Ninja Express Chop 

(I used this cheap little food processor for everything before I was able to afford a better one!)

Ninja Blender and Food Processor

(What I used in my earliest videos before I got the Cuisinart Food Processor and the Vitamix!)

Cuisinart Pro Custom 11 cup Food Processor

My current food processor- love it!

VitaMix 750

I waited a long time for this and ended up receiving it as a gift. 

I love this thing! But my Ninja served me well enough for many years before it...



Under $40

Spice grinder


10” Stainless steel skillet


Glass lid for 10” skillet

Soup pot

Basic inexpensive kitchen staple

My favorite kitchen knife (under $20!)

Knife sharpener

Stainless steel cookie sheets

for roasting veggies, etc.

Glass baking dish

Salad Spinner

I blew through 3 cheap ones before getting this one.  Worth every cent!

Measuring spoons

Stainless steel, fit in the spice jars! 

Potato masher

Nut milk bag

Mine is 4 years old and still going strong!

Parchment paper squares

(I LOVE these for batch cooking salmon!)


Plates & Bowls





Freezable lunch bag


Hot Logic Mini Portable mini oven & Electric Lunchbox

(Get 20% off with code "REALWORLDAIP"!)




If you follow my blog/channel you will see Tiger nuts and Tiger nut flour pop up often in my recipes. 

Tiger nuts are by far my favorite AIP specialty ingredient because:

#1 I don't tolerate cassava, #2 Tiger Nuts are SO much more nutrient dense & #3 they are delicious!!!!

SO I've searched far and wide to find the most economical source to supply my habit!

The absolute BEST price per pound I could find (when you get the free shipping) is from Tiger Nuts USA!

A 2.2 lb box is currently 23.99 which equates to only $10.90 per lb!  (I would like to note that they DO NOT sponsor me, this recommendation is based on them having the best price for a quality product.)

Because you have to spend a certain amount to qualify for free shipping I usually pick up a box or two of

flour (SO versatile!!),

Plus some

whole tiger nuts for making this cobbler (They are a GREAT source of fiber that don't upset my sensitive stomach!),

And some

sliced tiger nuts because they are so good tossed over a salad or in a trail mix (or straight out of the bag)...

By the way,

peeled tiger nuts make a great snack for traveling, they are soft enough to eat like peanuts! Can you tell I like tiger nuts?

Aroy-D Coconut Milk and Coconut Cream

My hands-down favorite AIP compliant coconut milk and cream because it doesn't separate and has zero additives.

This is the only brand I have been able to make successful AIP sour cream with.


Refined coconut oil

(No coconut flavor, great for searing and greasing baking dishes)


Avocado oil

(Flavor neutral and high smoke point!)


Coconut butter aka "manna" Recipe idea!

(Your AIP peanut butter substitute!) Make it fluffy!

Tiger nut butter
(Not a nut, actually a tuber- another delicious peanut butter sub!) Recipe idea

Tamarind paste

I use this in most all of my tomato-free recipes. AIP Pantry must-have!!

Ideas: Tomato Free Marinara, Quick low FODMAP Marinara, Borscht, Salsa, Ketchup, & Sweet & Sour Meatballs! 

Carob Powder

Perfect AIP Chocolate substitute! Check out my Chocolatey Fudge Fat Bombs! 


Coconut aminos

Your AIP "soy sauce!" Recipe idea


AIP Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Marinara, Mustard and Dressing!


Coffig Coffee Substitute

See My Review HERE!


Toasted Coconut flakes

Use these to make delicious homemade toasted coconut butter!


Untoasted coconut flakes


Dried Organic Oyster Mushrooms

Low FODMAP Umami booster!

Blackstrap molasses

For Boston Faked Beans & Hidden Liver Breakfast Cake


Ganthoda powder

This is the perfect AIP Black pepper substitute!

It is the root (rhizome) of the Indian long pepper tree.

Indian Black Salt aka Kala Namak

This sulfur-rich natural salt has an egg-like taste! 

It gives Nomelettes a super authentic taste and is excellent in my O.M.G. It's Bread recipe!

Sushi Sonic 100% Wasabi Powder

This will add a kick of HEAT to your AIP Salsa and Hot Sauce!

Wild vanilla powder

AIP Compliant vanilla that you can sprinkle onto porridge and baked goods.  I'm obsessed!

Paleo Powder seasoning

All Purpose AIP-Compliant Seasoning Blend & Coating Mix

Primal Palate Super Gyro

Greek style seasoning blend- so good in meatballs!


Primal Palate Breakfast Blend

Delicious in a breakfast scramble or Nomelette!

Primal Palate Garlic & Herb Blend

I use this in my Frugal Hamburger Soup and AIP Cheeseburger Pie!


A nice blend to use in soups, broths and stocks

Organic Kelp granules

A healthy way to flavor food and boost iodine intake


Italian seasoning blend

I love this in my AIP Lasagna!

Herbs De Provence Blend

This is wonderful in liver pate, hidden liver scramble, with fish, chicken and anything savory!


Use this instead of nutmeg in your AIP baked goods!


Ceylon Cinnamon

Why is Ceylon better? 


Galangal powder

This will add a spicy citrusy kick to your AIP dishes!

Pairs beautifully with garlic and coconut aminos.

Food storage:


4 oz mason jars

For spices and sauces


8 oz mason jars

Perfect size to portion out 1 meal’s worth of cooked protein or for sauces

BPA free plastic lids

for 4 oz and 8 oz mason jars


16 oz Wide Mouth mason jars

Perfect size for 1 dinner of meat & veggies.

The wide mouth is SO much easier to clean!


32 oz (Quart) mason jars

Perfect for storing stock, soups, & bone broth

BPA free plastic lids

for wide mouth 16 oz and 32 oz mason jars


Silicone storage bags


Silicone Ice Cube Trays


Pyrex 1 cup glass bowls with lids


Dedicated exclusively to AIP with clearly labeled re-intro products. 

Lots of unique products!

Thrive Market 

The BEST prices on AIP pantry staples such as: 

cassava flour, sardines, tuna, salmon, coconut milk, grass-fed gelatin & coconut aminos! 

One Stop Paleo Shop

Barefoot Provisions  

Wild Mountain

Supplements I take

Thorne vitamin D/K2

Designs for health Calcium Malate


Designs for Health Magnesium Malate


Soy-free low dose Vitamin E


Ecological Formulas Vitamin C powder (corn free!)

Digest Gold enzymes


Sleep Aid


Liver, Oysters, Clams, Mussels, Salmon, Sardines & ALL the veggies!


Beef Liver capsules for those of you who refuse to eat liver😉









Links I provide are affiliate links.  That means if you purchase a product through the link I post I will receive a small referral commission at absolutely no cost to you.  It's a helpful way to support the blog and my organic vegetable/ tiger nut habit- but I promise- I ONLY link to products I truly believe in!

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