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AIP Date Night!

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

"Peppercorn" Steakhouse steak & "Chocolate" Fudge Strawberries!

As seen on Phoenix Helix's Recipe Roundtable #253

Video Tutorial!:

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💗Valentine's Day is right around the corner! 💗

Here's how to cook a PERFECT steakhouse quality steak complete with "peppercorn" crust for a romantic dinner!

And for dessert: How to make ultra fudgy "chocolate" covered strawberries!

For the steak!

You will need:

Filet mignon, NY sirloin or ribeye steaks. One 8-12 oz steak per person is a nice size for a special occasion, leftovers are always great on salad!

Buy grass-fed and finished filet, sirloin and ribeyes here!

For the "peppercorn" crust you can source whole ganthoda root at your local indian specialty market, or get it here.

(Please note that the linked brand's label states it is "processed in a facility" that also processes common allergens. I took my chances and was okay with it but you might want to stick with the powder to be on the extra safe side...)

You'll need some coarse all natural salt! Kosher or Himalayan Pink Salt work well.

You'll also need avocado or coconut oil for pan-searing.

Aaaand a Meat Thermometer.


Preheat your oven to 275 degrees F.

Dry season both sides of your steaks with salt and ganthoda (feel free to use black pepper instead if you have re-intro'd it successfully!)

Put the steak on oven rack and bake it until it reaches desired internal temp (see below chart). Check after the first 10 min and again every 3-5 minutes.

******STEAK TEMP GUIDE*******

Because we're reverse pan searing, we want to bake to 25 degrees LESS than the final desired temp.

The pan-searing will raise the meat another 25 degrees or so.

RARE: finished steak will be 120-130 degrees, SO bake to 95-105, then pan-sear.

MED-RARE: 130-135. Bake to 105-110, then pan-sear

MEDIUM: 135-145. Bake to 110-120, then pan sear

MED WELL: 145-155. Bake to 120-130, then pan-sear

WELL: 155. Bake to 130+, then pan-sear

NOW, heat a skillet on highest heat with 1-2 T avocado or coconut oil. When the oil is super hot put the steak in the pan and sear each side until you get a nice crust. Watch the video above to see what I mean!

This next step is very important!!! Place that steak on a plate, cover it with a loose foil tent, and WAIT 10 MINUTES!

Ta-dah!!! Perfect steakhouse quality steak!!! Serve with some cruciferous veggies to offset all that high heat cooking! I give lots more serving suggestions in the video.

For the "chocolate" fudge dipped berries!:

You will need:

Organic strawberries! 6-8 per person

Coconut butter aka "manna"

Carob Powder


Melt the coconut butter (you can plop the whole jar in a dishpan full of hot tap water for an hour or so)

Mix 2 tsp carob powder into 2 T coconut butter per person. If it comes out too thick to dip the strawberries in just add more coconut butter. (The too-thick version makes an awesome frosting, BTW)

Dip 1/2 side of strawberry into the mix. Let set in fridge.

Dip the other side, let set.

These are delicious with fluffy whipped coconut butter!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!💕💕

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More info on Taro root- makes perfect mashed "potatoes"!

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