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AIP Tomato-free Marinara

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

This AIP "Marinara" sauce recipe is tomato-free and nightshade-free- but 100% delicious!

A dear friend of mine printed out the recipe and sent me these in case anyone wants the recipe in print! If you need clarification on anything in the print version, check out the video tutorial on YouTube!


One of the questions I get the most from people I either feed or talk to about AIP is how to start.  For me, I started with your nomato sauce and used it in many other dishes I already knew how to make as a replacement.  I've used it in hamburger stew, meatloaf, homemade pizza with that as the sauce, dipping for marinara, spaghetti, meatballs with marinara for salad toppings and pasta replacement toppers.  This batch ends up making a little over a gallon of nomato sauce.  Once cooled, I use a heavy soup ladle and ladle out 2 full spoon fulls in zip locks and freeze the labeled portions, thaw and use in other dishes.  This is enough for us for about 2 months per batch.  I also make some ziplocks full with 1 ladle scoop.  How much is the math?  I don't know, I eye ball a lot for servings.

Your no-tomato sauce in batch how I change it a bit...

I wrote this down from your video, I'll include the pictures of my copy and then follow with changes so we can follow along together.  First of all, I buy 1.25 lbs of garlic fresh and freeze it. 

When it comes to batch cook time, I will either microwave a few big bundles for 30 seconds or submerge in 1/2 c water in a bowl and microwave 2 minutes...

I tear it apart and let it finish thawing.  Because we use the mixer to blend it all later, I don't even bother mincing the garlic cloves. 

I just pop them out of the skins easily once they thaw and put them in the 6 qt pan. 

I do mince the onion because I freeze it that way too, or I just use minced and sliced fresh and throw it in. 

Instead of water, because I pressure cook chicken thighs, I make my own chicken broth, and I find if I use that instead of water yummy for that part of your recipe.  1 can plus 1/2 c water. 

I do usually buy baby carrots and freeze them, but if I use fresh then it just takes a bit longer to cook tender.  Already peeled for me :D 

I always get 3 beets to a bundle when I buy them, so I buy 2 bundles or 6 whole beets.  I microwave them for 2 minutes and then peel.  I pop them in my ninja to shred them, could do that with the carrots too if you wanted but I don't. 

I toss that into the pan with the other ingredients....and I follow with the rest of the herbs dried. 

Then I cook it down to soft.  Frozen takes about 20 minutes, up to 40 minutes for fresh hard veggies. 

This is the point I add in 1 can of pumpkin puree.  I've tried other root veggies, the beets bring in the color and earthiness, the carrots a little bit of that tomato sweetness, and the pumpkin is neutral and gorgeous texture. 

I then add the garlic powder, the rest of the oregano, the tamarind concentrate... I've tried pulp, I've tried powder, this one is my favorite from it off Amazon. 

I made your recipe dehydrated fennel bulb and used the coffee grinder, use that and I also use the shrimp shell salt you showed me how to make in this recipe for the salt.  I sometimes double the dry herbs depending on what I'm using it for.  Then blend with mixer and cool..package. 

*Please double all of the recipe that is written on the cards plus the changes and the pumpkin added to get the gallon.  Also on the vinegar, I used the acv and didn't like it, and the lemon is just fine.  I personally have no interactions with white vinegar and find the taste is most pleasing with the combinations above.  Ok  yeah that's all!

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