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Cricket Harvest Day!

I couldn't find a company that sells cricket powder made from crickets NOT fed corn, gluten or soy so I decided to raise some myself!

I procrastinated following through with harvesting them a bit too long because I was squeamish about the whole process of catching them, putting them to sleep in the freezer and cooking them...

When I started to hear less chirping coming from the basement I knew I'd better hop to it or they were all going to die of natural causes at their ripe old age.

The harvest was small, but I did manage to yield enough powder to make a smoothie or add to some porridge. It's the perfect amount to test out whether my reaction to the commercial cricket powder I tried was to the actual crickets themselves or to the soy they were fed. (More on that here!)

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne on why we should be eating crickets

Watch the video above to see how I made my own cricket flour- from live crickets to roasted & ground powder!

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