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DNA Testing: This review could save you time, money and sanity!

My journey to understanding my DNA testing results was a long and expensive path!

I started with 23andme...

Then I uploaded my genome into Genetic Genie

...and Promethease where I proceeded to wade through page after page of information on SNPs and their potential significance to my health without ever gaining any actionable tips I could use to improve my day-to-day life.

I then landed on Dr. Amy Yasko's site

and proceeded to buy many expensive supplements that only made me feel anxious, keyed up and wanting to crawl out of my skin.

THEN, I uploaded my genome into Ben Lynch's Stratgene

and because of all of the research I had done previously found it very interesting and useful! (Not necessarily for a beginner, though.)

(I also did a custom nutrition panel through Gene Food which I don't mention in the video as it didn't impact me much for better or worse...)


💥AND FINALLY, I did MAXGEN LAB's "The Works" Panel!!!!💥

THIS is the one I recommend for you guys!!! Save yourself the time, money and sanity and just start right here, lol!



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