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Exclusive Recipes Index

I've finally made a convenient index of all of my Patron Exclusive recipes to make sure you guys don't miss any! I put out a new one each month. $2 and up Patrons have access to all of these as well as behind-the-scenes videos!

If you only have time to try a few I highly recommend the NEWmato sauce and Picatta Meatballs!!🤩

Nov 2018: Reconstructing Paleo On The Go’s Salsa Verde

Dec 2018: Bacon Salt

Jan 2019: Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Feb 2019: Jibarito Sandwich Bread

March 2019: Picatta Meatballs!

April 2019: AIP Hot Sauce

May 2019: Sweet & Sour Sauce

June 2019: English Muffins

July 2019: Pickled Watermelon Rinds (Or any kind of pickles!)

August 2019: AIP Mustard

September 2019: Kitchen Sink Clams & Sheet Pan Salmon

October 2019: NEWmato Sauce!

November 2019: Bone Marrow Pesto

December 2019: Pumpkin Tiger Bake

January 2020: Breakfast Meatballs


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