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How to Start AIP in Baby Steps: Step 4- Protein Batch Cook!

In this video I guide you through how to batch cook enough make-ahead freezable meat, fish and sauces to last you through your first two weeks.

Here's my easy 2 week protein batch cook tutorial!:

Only one more step to go and then you'll be following AIP with ease!

Baby Step 1:

Baby Step 2:

Baby Step 3:

Cold Turkey Method to AIP:

Creative Meli's easy creamy avocado dill ranch:

Clam Cubes:

Hidden Liver Beef Scramble:

Primal Palate Super Gyro spice blend:

Primal Palate Breakfast Blend:

AIP Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Marinara, Mustard and Dressing!

Kitchen scale I use and love (under $15!)

Basic inexpensive crockpot:

8 oz mason jars (Perfect size to portion out 1 meal’s worth of cooked protein. I also use this size for sauces.)

Parchment paper squares:

Real World AIP is dedicated to helping you implement the Autoimmune Protocol with recipes and cooking tutorials, reviews, inspiration, and easy-to-digest information. New videos every Thursday (and maybe Sunday!)

Real World AIP is on Patreon!:

$2 and up monthly patrons get cool perks like once a month Patreon-exclusive recipe videos, access to private Lens clips, shout outs and more.

Thank you Cathal, Melanie, Carmen, Debra, Megi, Tonya, Phyllis, Linda, Holly, Cindy, Sarah & Jen!! 💕

Want more AIP meal prep, shopping and recipe ideas? Patreon also has a cool feature called “Lens”- it’s very similar to Instagram Stories. I use it most days to take clips of my meals, grocery hauls, recipe development and other behind-the-scenes stuff and it’s free to the public, you don’t have to be a patron to view the clips. You can find those here!:

Want someone else to do the cooking for you? Paleo On The Go offers AIP-compliant meal delivery service!

Save $15 off of your first order by typing in the coupon code “REALWORLDAIP” at checkout!

Always work with your physician when making dietary changes that could affect current health conditions, medications, etc.

Product links I post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through the links I post I will earn a small commission at no additional charge to you. I ONLY link to products I use myself and truly believe in!

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