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My AIP Supplement Regimen

How I fill in the gaps I found through nutrient tracking with Cronometer...and How I REALLY feel about most supplements!

I feel the need to go on this tangent...

The MOST important supplements are nutrient dense whole foods like liver, shellfish, wild salmon, vegetables of all kinds and meats!

Health cannot be found in a capsule. It can't be fixed by a pill. It probably won't be enhanced by a powder, gelcap, shake, or tablet either.

There is no "immune modulating super concentrate blah blah blah fix your autoimmune disease symptoms" capsule

or miracle fatigue fighting herb or powdered "whole food" blend that will take away your chronic fatigue syndrome, or potent elixir that will stall aging based on some exotic flower or an isolate of xyz that will magically resolve your female hormone issues easy as pie!

It sounds too good to be true because IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

The TRUTH is there is no quick fix.

It's called eat whole healthy nutrient dense foods and leave out sugar and inflammatory foods. Supplement on an as-needed basis to fill in the gaps with micronutrients like vitamin D and magnesium, and to support digestion if needed.

Get your sleep.

Control your stress.


It's not sexy. It's not marketable. But IT WORKS.

FOOD is the most powerful of all the things you can pop in your mouth.

Disclaimer: I am not referring to medication here. I am talking about supplements. If you are on a medication for your autoimmune disease it should only be altered with the knowledge and support of a doctor you trust.

Products mentioned in video:

Thorne vitamin D/K2

Designs for Health Calcium Malate

Designs for Health Magnesium Malate

Integrative Therapeutics Vitamin E

Ecological Formulas Vitamin C powder (corn free!)

Digest Gold enzymes

Klaire Labs Ther-biotic Factor 4 Bifidobacterium Probiotic

Just Thrive Spore-Based Probiotic

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