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NEW AIP Book by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Just out in June 2019- Here's my review!

Check out the video review!:


Will be held on my Instagram account

Starts Thursday July 4th at 12 pm EST and ends Monday 12 pm EST. UPDATE: Congrats to the winner- Jen Soldat!!

You can buy the book on the Dr. Sarah's website here!

Video where Dr. Terry Wahl's talks about AIP:

(AIP discussion starts at 24:35)

I use Cronometer to track my Micronutrients!

My Baby Steps to AIP video playlist

Real World AIP is dedicated to helping you implement the Autoimmune Protocol with recipes, reviews, and easy-to-digest information. New videos every Thursday!


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$2 and up monthly patrons receive an exclusive AIP recipe tutorial each month (These never go public on YouTube!) I also post free behind-the-scenes clips throughout the week that are free for anyone to view!

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