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Paleo AIP Egg Roll in a Bowl!

Craving Chinese takeout on AIP? Here's how to make a delicious veggie-loaded Paleo AIP compliant egg roll- in a bowl!

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How to make clam cubes!

Garlic ginger galangal Flavor Crumbles

My little sister's $5 jewelry! Nickel and lead free. All necklaces come with free matching earrings.

Cuisinart food processor I use and love!

Coconut aminos

Real World AIP is dedicated to helping you implement the Autoimmune Protocol with recipes and cooking tutorials, reviews, inspiration, and easy-to-digest information. New videos every Thursday (and maybe Sunday!)

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Thank you Cathal, Melanie, Carmen, Debra, Megi, Tonya, Phyllis, Linda, Holly, Cindy, Sarah, Jen, Helen Jo & Jane!! 💕

Want more FREE AIP meal prep, shopping and recipe ideas? Patreon also has a cool feature called “Lens”- it’s very similar to Instagram Stories. I use it most days to take clips of my meals, grocery hauls, recipe development and other behind-the-scenes stuff and it’s free to the public, you don’t have to be a patron to view the clips. You can find those here!

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