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Paleo AIP Vegan Coconut Yogurt

Made in your Instant Pot or with a heating pad!

Here's how I make thick and creamy yogurt from scratch with just a few simple ingredients!

In the video I pit two probiotics against each other!

GutPro which retails for about $100


Gutly Organic liquid probiotic (Under $50!)

In the end, they both made tangy delicious yogurt but the GutPro acted a bit faster and ended up more like cream cheese. The Gutly won on price, taste and ease of use!!

To make 4-8 servings of yogurt you will need:

1) Coconut Milk

I prefer the Aroy-D brand that I get at my local asian market. You can also buy it online at or on Amazon.

You can use it straight as-is, dilute it 50/50 with water, OR use 2 parts water :1 part coconut milk for a light yogurt. Do not dilute any further than that, I've tried- it's not great...

SO, to break that down:

  • For decadent rich yogurt use 32 oz coconut milk

  • For medium-rich yogurt use 16 oz coconut milk + 16 oz water

  • For light yogurt use 12 oz coconut milk + 24 oz water


I liked the way the Gutly Organic Liquid Probiotic performed in my latest batch (shown in video). If you use Gutly you will need 4 droppers full of the liquid (1 dropper per mason jar)

Most any probiotic you already have at home could work if it has live active cultures in it. (Not soil based/ spore or yeast probiotics though.)

I've successfully used Therbiotic Factor 4 (excellent if you have histamine issues) as well as the Women's Probiotic from Klaire labs (Use 1/2 capsule per 16 oz mason jar) as well as Gut Pro (Use a teeny tiny pinch, equivalent to 5 mg or "1 drop" on their mini measuring spoons per mason jar) to culture sour cream and yogurt.

3) Raw, green unripe plantain. Use 2.5 oz or 75g of the plantain for every 8-9 oz of liquid. An average plantain weighs about 9-10 oz. If you don't have a scale just use 1 to 1 1/4 large plantains for the entire recipe. It's always better to go by actual weight though, extra plantain is going to make this so thick you might end up with something akin to cream cheese! Not enough plantain and your yogurt may be too watery...

4) 16 oz wide mouth mason jars

This recipe will partially fill 4 jars (They'll be just over 1/2 full). There are 1-2 servings per jar.


Add the coconut milk, water if using, and raw green plantain to a blender and puree well.

Pour the mix into a saucepan and bring to a boil, whisking constantly to prevent lumps and sticking. It will become quite thick rather suddenly, just like what happens when you make pudding.

When the mixture becomes thick remove it from the heat and pour it evenly into the four mason jars. Let cool to a temp of about 100 degrees, either on the counter or submerged in a dishpan of cold water to speed the process.

(It's best to use a thermometer, but if you don't have one you can use the finger test- if you can hold your finger in the liquid for 20 seconds it's cool enough to add the probiotic to.)

Add your probiotic evenly to the mason jars: 1/2 cap Klaire Labs, 1 dropperful Gutly or 1 "drop" (5 mg) of GutPro per jar.

Adding more will not produce thicker or tangier yogurt so don't waste your probiotics! (I have tested this theory!)

Stir well to incorporate the probiotic into the coconut mixture.

Now it's time to incubate!

You can use a heating pad on high heat- just place the jars on the heating pad and place a few towels over it to hold in the heat. Check after 24 hours, if it's not tangy enough keep checking back every 8 hours. It usually takes about 24-36 hours with this method. Most any warm environment will do really, some people use sunny windowsills, an oven that's been turned on and off, etc.

OR, you can use an Instant Pot!

Pour 1 cup of water into the inner insert, then place the rack into it.

Put the jars of future yogurt on the rack and very loosely (don't screw on the lid) cover the top, just enough so that condensation doesn't fall in.

Place the lid on the instant Pot and hit the Yogurt button.

Set it to 25 hours. (It doesn't matter if the pressure release valve is on or off for yogurt making.)

It'll probably only take about 20 hours, but this way if you get busy or forget it'll just keep right on culturing! After 20 hours do a taste test. If it's not tangy enough, come back in 5 hours and re-taste.

If your probiotics are not 100% viable from heat exposure or age it might take longer. I've noticed the GutPro makes faster yogurt than the Klaire Therbiotic Factor 4 and the Gutly, but the GutPro is $100...I don't mind waiting a few extra hours, lol.

Next, just place the jars in the fridge for a few hours to cool and enjoy as-is or with any combination of fruit, sliced tigernuts, cinnamon and wild vanilla powder mixed in.


As seen on Phoenix Helix's Recipe Roundtable #296

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