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Review: The Medical Medium

Have you heard about the "Medical Medium" or the latest celery juice trend? Here's my unbiased review. Full transcript below!

Have you ever wondered about the Medical Medium? Could he help you heal from your autoimmune disease?

Welcome to Real World AIP...I’m coach Stacey and today I’m reviewing the bestselling book “Medical Medium” Secrets behind chronic and mystery illness and how to finally heal” by Anthony William, published in Nov 2015. You can find the book on Amazon here:

Mr. William just had another book come out on October 30th 2018 called “Liver Rescue” and seems to be growing in popularity on social media so I wanted to find out what he was all about! Especially after reading he has celebrity followers like Robert Deniro, Gwyneth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell.

This man claims to receive exclusive medical information from a spirit voice that he claims can heal your autoimmune disease.

I know it seems so far out there but I like to keep an open mind and form my own opinions on things. So far I still don’t believe in ghosts, santa claus, or homeopathy, but hey something could change my mind if it seemed logical and rational enough.

So the author, Mr. Williams was allegedly born with an ability to get health information from a high level spirit. Information that we are decades or more away from discovering scientifically and that is exclusive to him. At age 4 he claims to have diagnosed his grandmother with lung cancer which he says medical testing confirmed. He uses his insights from who he calls “Spirit” to diagnose and cure people with all kinds of chronic and mystery illness.

And this guy is growing in popularity!! There are 179,000 posts on Instagram tagged with #MedicalMedium (Much higher now, this was in November). Compare that to #Wahls at 63.5k or #Plantparadox with 13.6 and you can see that lots of people are Drinking his Kool-Aid I mean celery juice.

(In case you were wondering, AIP has 446k tags.

The Medical Medium wants you to avoid corn, soy, canola oil, dairy, gluten and grains, farmed fish, MSG, “natural” flavors, artificial flavors and sweeteners, and other additives. So far it seems like a Paleo diet, nothing really breakthrough or controversial and this is all recommended by many nutrition gurus already for good reason.

He’s also not a fan of eggs which actually CAN be problematic for many people, I’m one of them...And Whey protein..I’m with him on that one.

So far so good...

The Medical Medium is a fan of a low to very low fat and high carb diet with no restrictions on fructose intake. He encourages you to eat LOADS of fruit.

Medical Medium has a whole chapter on why we should eat fruit- lots of fruit! Forget about the fructose and the sugar concerns, nevermind if you think you have candida or SIBO or Diabetes or blood sugar dysregulation. Fruit is THE best food EVER!!! He suggests to eat it alone on an empty stomach.

Kind of starts reminding of Fit For Life diet that I tried back in the early 2000’s. Left me bloated and on a blood sugar roller coaster from hell. No thank you.

And in case you’re wondering about the advice you’ve been given to eat fruit locally grown and in season, he doesn’t agree. He says “Fruit trees and plants have a built in database of information connected to the heavens and that the higher source delivers a signal to them to tell them when to enter the ripening phase, so worrying about the fruit being picked too early for shipping across the country is nonsense. (scratching head)

I’m gonna stay in Sarah Ballantyne’s camp here and keep my fructose under 20 mg a day to minimize bloating, inflammation (and weight gain).

I’m also going to keep eating loads of healthy fat because I’m thrilled with my cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose, blood pressure and body weight after eating that way for years.

I think if his protocol is working for anyone, it’s probably not about his magical spirit guide’s voice or all the fructose you’ll be loading up on, it’s because you cut out processed food, gluten, grains, dairy and corn. Of COURSE you’ll feel better if you’re coming from a standard american diet! A Whole30 or 21 day sugar detox, Bulletproof, plant paradox, paleo, AIP, Wahl’s Protocol, or Pegan diet would give you the same results- but without all the FRUIT!

The Medical Medium seems to think that almost every disease and ailment known to man is because of Epstein Barr Virus (which by the way, can allegedly eat cheese), Shingles or Mercury and mayyybe radiation. You name it- autoimmunity, PMS, Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, …….It’s from one of those. In fact, he states that 100% of Alzheimer's disease is caused by Mercury. There is a “Mercury Man” whose true name is unknown and the medical industry won’t point the finger at him. It’s a “good ol boy” thing...

Here are more tidbits I found very very interesting…

He states that

“This book is unlike anything you’ve read, (he’s right about that!)

you won’t find citation after citation, references to study after study, because this is fresh, ahead-of-its time information that comes from the heavens”

“If your doctor gives you a Hashimoto’s diagnosis it means that she or he doesn’t know what’s wrong” Your body is not attacking itself, the EBV is.

He says the human body does NOT attack itself. Pathogens do. Our whole understanding of autoimmunity is completely wrong according to his spirit voice.

Colitis is actually just a version of shingles, but the medical community isn’t going to figure this out for another 3 or 4 decades.

Also, Lyme disease is not caused by ticks, It’s EBV.

He does not believe in leaky gut. He says what’s really happening is ammonia permeability. It comes from “gut rot” that produces toxic gas that floats “ghost-like” out of your intestines and directly into your bloodstream.

This type of fear mongering kind of makes you want to take action and follow this gifted man’s voice, no?

He’s also not a fan of fermented foods, he says they do nothing for your gut health.

And basically, in the end, the book advocates a month of 100% raw fruit and vegetable diet with lots and lots of fruit. That’ll fix your ebv or mercury or shingles issue…

There are MANY many rave reviews for the book on Amazon but if you click on the one star reviews you will find a verified purchaser stating that the publisher emailed them and offered a prize to the customer that left the most uplifting 5 star review.

Another verified purchaser left a review stating that replacing the fat in their diet with fruit as suggested turned their candida into systemic candida and landed them in the emergency room after 10 days on the program.

A person that paid $500 to have a reading with the Medical Medium was told they had EBV and high levels of heavy metals. So they got tested for heavy metals but they were all low. Instead they tested positive for rheumatic fever which he did not mention.

Another reviewer claims she was threatened with a lawsuit after leaving a negative review. LOL, her response? “Go ahead and sue me as you threaten for a slanderous review, but I will sue you back for telling me to eat 4 bananas in the morning with pre-diabetes.”

I did some searches on YouTube for reviews on his Protocol. One poor girl was following the plan for 9 months and experiencing steady weight gain and bloating and she was so confused she was doing everything right. Many in the comments were in agreeance, like yes, it made me bloated and gain weight too.

But there were some, it’s like they were in a CULT, this seems a cult movement to me! They are just like keep at it! Keep drinking liquid bananas everyday. My goal is to be on it for 4 years, then my mercury will be low enough to heal.

I can’t…

I also found some interesting reading on the Facebook page called “The Medical Medium is a fraud”, I’ll link to that below if you’re interested in checking it out. UPDATE: Hmmm, that group disappeared on FB...But here are some interesting links for you instead:

Things we do when we're desperate for a cure- this is a heartbreaking and eye opening blog post:

Blog post with screen shots of the "prize for the most uplifting reviews" deal:

I will say that Mr Williams is a gifted writer with a knack for creating very moving stories that will fill you with hope and faith.

He paints vivid pictures with his language, some of angels that you can summon (he’ll instruct you how in the book), and some of ghostly gut rot that makes ammonia seep into your bloodstream, that thank goodness you can fix by eating low fat raw vegan for a month, don’t forget the celery juice.

His website says: If you were ill and doctors couldn’t help you, would you have 20 years to wait before medical science discovered the true cause of your suffering and the way to get better?

What would it be worth if someone could help you recover and heal—right now?

Don’t you want to believe that? Those are powerful words!

Don’t you want to Recover, don’t you want to HEAL?

Don’t you want to grasp onto that and throw all your faith and effort into it because it sounds SO good!

It speaks to your spirituality and to your deepest desires and your most tender vulnerabilities, right?

I feel like we all want so much to believe in a cure for our illnesses, so much so that someones it makes us easy prey.

It makes us believe in things that would seem crazy to us if we weren’t so desperate.

For instance, how many supplements are in your supplement graveyard that you bought feeling hopeful after an advertisement or endorsement only to find they didn’t help you at all or actually aggravated your symptoms? I’m guilty. I drank nigella oil every day until I was dizzy. Took the wrong kinds of probiotics that left me bloated like a balloon, took supplemental folate and special forms of B12 after genetic testing that left me anxious, on edge and road raged.

It’s not that easy and there is no one-size-fits-all magic diet, magic pill, or easy fix.

Please please be careful who you put your trust in, I know you want to heal but if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

I’m all for alternative methods of healing, if they work and are safe. I’m all about thinking outside the box, but I’m not a fan of the Medical Medium.

You want to heal?

It’s about rest. It’s about removing yourself from toxic situations and relationships. Getting the right amount and type of exercise. Getting some sunlight and some nature, finding things that makes you feel at peace and happy. And nourishing your body with clean whole foods while leaving out the foods that create inflammation and trigger you personally.

An elimination and reintro protocol like AIP can be really helpful in that aspect because it’s totally customizable to your unique intolerances.

If you don’t have an autoimmune disease then a plant food heavy paleo diet aka pegan diet or a whole30 would be my recommendation.

By the way I am a certified health coach by ACE which is a nationally accredited organization as well as a certified AIP coach So I have more credentials than the Medical Medium .

Hmmm, maybe I should create the Stacey diet. It’ll be basically a Pegan diet but I need a gimmicky thing for people to post pictures of on Instagramm...Dave has bulletproof coffee, AIP has bone broth, Mr William has celery juice...Hmmm...maybe something with ginger in it, Magical detoxing ginger juice that’ll make you look 10 years younger and cure PMS too.

I need something to scare you with too...Maybe I’ll attribute all of your symptoms to undiagnosed miniature scabies that the medical world hasn’t discovered, they are too small to show up under the microscopes we have with today’s technology. They burrow deep into your system and cause your immune system to overreact and create systemic inflammation. They are behind 100% of alopecia- it was never autoimmune disease, it’s microscabies!!!

They will discover this in 40 years, but do you really want to wait that long? Or do you want to drink my ginger juice that came to me in a dream one night that my chihuahua whispered the recipe into my ear. I never asked to be burdened with this information but now that I have it I feel compelled to share it to help the world. (and maybe sell some books and do $500 private consultations)

Alright, lol I gotta stop.

I hope you enjoyed this video….

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