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Sick of sweet potatoes on Paleo or AIP?

All about Taro, Yautia, Boniatos and Green Plantains! (Watch for videos coming in future on Breadfruit and Lotus Root- even more starchy AIP-compliant alternatives!)

Taro, Yautia, Plantain and Batatas can all be found in latin markets! They often go by many different names:

"TARO ROOT" (Colocasia esculenta) will often be labeled "Coco-yam" or "Malanga-coco". The smaller ones are called "Eddo". This is what they make Poi out of in Hawaii. I have found this at the Vietnamese grocers, latin markets, Price-Rite and even in Stop and Shop next to the coconuts and star fruit.

"YAUTIA BLANCA" (Xanthosoma sagittifolium)- these are often called different names as well. "Malanga blanca", "Tannia" and even "taro root" are sometimes used!

"BONIATOS"- (Ipomoea batatas) These are becoming easy to find- Wholefoods, Trader Joe's, Latin Markets, Stop & Shop... AKA Japanese sweet potato, White sweet potato, "Batata", Murasaki Sweet Potatoes.

GREEN PLANTAINS- Look for them in your grocery store next to the coconuts and tropical fruit or try a latin market. The green ones are best for savory dishes.

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