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Staying compliant during stressful times

Self care: The worse things get, the more important it is!

Staying compliant when your life is turned upside down overnight:

A loved one dies...or You get fired from your job...or You get in a car accident...or

You catch your live-in boyfriend cheating on you with some girl he met on TINDER and have to put all of your things in storage and move in with your mom and cook out of a kitchen full of gluten.

(That one's a true story!)

Self care becomes more important than ever during these times!!

Today's video goes into this topic and I share my story and talk about how I am staying compliant, plans for future, and just thoughts about life plot twists in general...

Moral of the story?

There is NO room for toxic people and unhealthy relationships on a healing journey!!! (Or any journey, really.)

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