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The Cookbook is here!

This is an eBook compilation of my all-time favorite recipes from YouTube and Patreon.  These are the recipes I get loads of positive feedback on, the ones that I am most proud of, the ones that I wish everyone would try because they are just so good!!!

Most of the recipes are coconut free or have a coconut substitution included.  

Only 2 of them require coconut.  

Only 1 recipe calls for a specialty flour (tigernut).  

There are three sections, and nope- not breakfast, lunch and dinner, lol.  

They are: 

Flavor bombs (sauces and dressings to make any meat or veggies taste yummy!!)

Comfort Foods (things like lasagna, bread and pasta.  Carbs!) and 

Rocket Fuel! (Protein rich, loaded with micronutrients.)

Get your copy HERE! 😊

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