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What you NEED to know before eating crickets!

Edible insects are the wave of the future!

They are a form of sustainable protein that is not only good for us but good for the planet. Crickets are rich in B12, iron, calcium and chitin fiber that our microbiota love...

So why not go ahead and leap onto the trend?

In this video I'll tell you what you need to know to avoid ingesting gluten, corn, soy and other allergens along with your cricket protein!

I'll tell you why the two expensive bags of cricket powder I bought are going to be pricey kibble-toppers for my chihuahuas instead of food for me- they do a taste test in the video ;)

I'll also explain why I haven't given up on eating crickets and show you what I'm doing about it!

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**************MENTIONED IN VIDEO**************

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne on why we should be eating crickets

Entomo Farms gluten free cricket powder (May contain soy)

How I make chitin-rich umami salt, no crickets required!

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